Premium or free WordPress themes?

December 19, 2013

I admit it I was far to lazy do create my own wordpress theme for this site, I seem to have spent the last 2 months working on code, wordpress themes and web site designs… the truth is I’d much rather be doing something else. So the prospect of designing and coding my own wordpress theme was just one step too far. I’d never bought a premium wordpress theme before and hadn’t really intended on doing so. What I needed for my site was something that dealt with video embedding nicely I first looked at the free Videographer theme by Zoomstart. It worked fairly well, but perhaps wasn’t pretty enough and would have required a bit of extra work. My hunt around the web and the wordpress theme repositories didn’t pull up anything useful or even that useable for my needs.


Should I use Vimeo or Youtube?

April 16, 2013

With my monthly bandwidth pulling in at over 20gb a few months ago I decided to host all of my sound clips offsite in an effort to reduce costs. Originally I was going to opt for YouTube… until I discovered Vimeo. The immediate attraction for me was the cleaner look and style of its video player, the Vimeo site is also a lot nicer looking than YouTube – and it doesn’t suffer from some of the idiots you’ll find on YouTube too: post a video on YouTube and more often than not you’ll get some moron leaving unfriendly and often offensive comments. Vimeo however seems to want to nurture a more friendly and constructive community, in-game video footage is disallowed and the content on the site tends to be of a more artistic nature.


The WordPress blank screen

March 28, 2013

I experienced my first blank screen of death in WordPress about two months ago (not bad going considering the amount of wordpress sites I edit/administer.) when I was working on an install of WPMU, the developer I was working with figured out the issue really quickly. An empty line before or after the opening or closing php declerations:

< ?php Code Here ?>

And the answer was to try the following:

Uninstall all plugins (No Joy!)
Revert to default theme (No joy)
Upload fresh theme (Implication being you haven’t messed with it – no joy)


The audio survey of London

January 12, 2013

I had this great idea about a year ago: Wouldn’t it be great if there was an audio version of the geograph project. A visual map of the UK divided into grids with each grid offering a sound recording made from that location.

However having brilliant ideas is easy, realising them is something rather different. Professor Malcolm Griffiths (Director/Author/Academic) once said to me:

“Everyday on my way home I compose the worlds greatest rock music in my mind… but no-one will ever know!”